Commercial Cleaning Services Edmonton

Commercial Cleaning Services Company in Edmonton for Your Business

At Vital Property Services, we know how important it is to keep your commercial area looking clean and attractive. By using our first-rate commercial cleaning services, we guarantee that your location will be spotless and hygienic. Our hardworking crew is here to fulfill all of your commercial cleaning requirements, whether you own an office, a shop, or any other kind of business. At our commercial cleaning services company Edmonton, our motto is to provide the spotless and clean environment.

A Wide Range of Expert Services

Here at Vital Props, we take great pleasure in providing a wide range of specialized cleaning services to cater to the unique requirements of businesses or individuals seeking for commercial cleaning solutions.

  • Office Cleaning: If you want your staff and guests to have a pleasant experience while they’re at work or visit, you need our office cleaning services in Edmonton. We take great care to keep your workplace clean and presentable by dusting, vacuuming, disinfecting surfaces, and collecting garbage.
  • Retail Cleaning: Give your consumers an experience they won’t soon forget by using our retail cleaning services. Keeping the store neat and tidy is important to us since we want our customers to enjoy shopping there. If you wish to your shop space to seem its best at all times, our crew can clean the floors, the windows, and the display areas.
  • Food Court Maintenance: Customers’ health and happiness depend on food courts being clean and sanitized. Every day, we clean the kitchen, eating rooms, and food counters as part of our food court maintenance service. In order to fulfill the strict requirements for food safety, we clean the floors and disinfect them thoroughly.
  • Porter Services: Our porter services are here to ensure that your facilities are kept clean and well-maintained all day long. In order to keep the space safe and inviting for everyone, our hardworking porters react quickly and efficiently to any cleaning situations, such as spills or trash.
  • Specialized Cleaning: Deep cleaning, event cleanup, and post-construction cleaning are just a few examples of the specialty cleaning services we provide. Our commercial cleaning company in Edmonton restores your area to its best state using industry-leading equipment and processes.
  • Warehouse Cleaning: Our skilled cleaning services will keep your warehouse environment neat and tidy. We assist you in keeping your warehouse operations safe and efficient by cleaning the floor, removing trash, and disinfecting equipment.

Connect With Us For Spotless Commercial Cleaning Services

Vital Property Services provides the highest quality commercial cleaning services in Edmonton. We are the best commercial cleaning company as we never compromise on professionalism, quality, or the happiness of our customers. Get in touch with Vital Property Services in Edmonton now to feel the difference!

We are capable of providing 24 hour service for food court upkeep, day porter service, night cleaning, and full time janitorial services. Our staff will always take on a professional, respectful, and uniformed appearance on the job. Our environmentally friendly green cleaning products cater to every industry.

Office Cleaning

We create a spotless office environment which leads to increased productivity and morality amongst your employees. Whether it is keeping a medical environment clean and safe, a waiting room presentable or office space professional. Our staff has the trained eye for detail and dedicate the extra time it takes to accomplish perfection in an ideal environment for your staff and customers.

Retail Cleaning

It is important that your business’ property presents itself professionally and clean. At Vital, we are passionate about creating a positive, clean environment that represents your organization in a way that you can take pride in. Retail cleaning can encompass many different businesses, from an artisan bakery to a tire dealership, we will work with you to understand your every concern. Vital constantly thrives to exceed your expectations and meet your every requirement.

Food Court

A food court is the highest traffic area of your commercial center or mall. Vital’s food court personnel are trained to take pride in their areas, to be friendly and courteous, and to ensure the comfort of your patrons. The use of food-safe sanitizers and environmentally friendly cleaning products assures your customers that they are in good hands with Vital Property Services.


It is necessary that every mall or commercial center has a professional porter. Our day porters are trained to be observant and perceptive in any possible scenario. We offer porters who are capable of spotting potential hazards and patrol areas where disasters may occur. Being proactive means your facility is safe and clean more often. Vital Property Services’ porters are not only an asset for spill clean-up, but they take pride in ensuring that your facility is in top notch condition all hours of the day. We look good when you look good.

Warehouse Cleaning

Due to the size of today’s warehouses and the amount of traffic, keeping a warehouse clean and organized is challenging. Such challenges can increase hazards and costs for companies. Therefore, a clean warehouse means a productive and safe warehouse. With us, we can help maintain a safe and clean environment.

Commercial Cleaning Services:

Total Floor Care Programs:

  • Steam clean carpets
  • Machine scrub (Auto Scrubber)
  • Floor Maintenance (burnish, buff, scrub, strip, wax)

Additional Service Programs:

  • Litter pick up
  • Pressure washing
  • Deep clean of kitchens
  • Entrance mat extraction
  • Sidewalk and entrance snow removal
  • Construction and renovation clean-up
  • Interior window washing, exterior window washing
  • Provide and install washroom and kitchen dispensers
  • Provide and deliver paper products (paper towel and toilet paper), plastic products (bags), hand soap, and hand sanitizer

Total Surface Care Programs:

  • Clean furniture
  • Sanitize IT equipment
  • High dusting, low dusting
  • Sanitize workstations, desks, tables and counters