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Window Cleaning

Apart from the obvious reason of having clean windows to look through, it is important your windows are cleaned on a regular basis to prevent build-up that may later be difficult to remove, to make it easier, and thus, less costly the next cleaning. Window Cleaning provides your property with a more attractive and well cared for appearance. It can also help preserve your property’s overall value.


Hardwood Restoration

That beauty of wood is that it is recyclable. It is the only floor covering you can install, neglect, scratch, dent and cover and still be able to make it look like new again. And all of this without dust! We have invested in new dustless technology to complete your refinishing without the major cleanup at the end.

Pressure Washing

A good, thorough pressure wash can help reduce wear and tear on surfaces while also increasing their overall appearance & appeal. Schedule an appointment for our professional pressure washing service and rest assured that we will show up on time and perform the job until you’re satisfied.


Your roof does more than just shelter your property from the elements. It provides safety, insulation, curb appeal, and value to the structure and people beneath it. A regular maintenance plan for your roof is a good idea for every business.

Carpet Cleaning

When you invest in a professional carpet cleaning program you will not only improve the quality of air for your guests, you will project a positive image to your customers and visitors. Regular maintenance will help extend the life of your carpet. Our carpet cleaning technicians use the latest in cleaning technology and standards. Learn more about our services, contact our team for a free quote on carpet cleaning services.

Commercial Painting

A little bit of paint can do wonders, especially for commercial businesses that are looking to inject some life into their business by changing the look of their interior space.  It shows your customers the professional standards you maintain and your employees that you are interested in investing in your image.

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Yard Work

Our spring yard clean up program will give your property the jump start it needs after the winter season. This thorough service will really make your property stand out, laying the foundation for healthy turf, effective lawn care, and a great looking property through the sunny months.


Vital Properties, being a trusted and valued contractor with Choice Properties for 4 + years, has always proven to have the highest work ethic and standards that is incomparable to others.  Their management team always operates with professionalism and I would be fortunate to always continue to work with this team.
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