Parking Lot Maintenance

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Litter Pick

The first impression that your business portrays to your potential customers, starts in your parking lot. At Vital Property Services we offer complete and thorough litter picking programs that will discard litter from parking stalls, roadways, walkways, entrances and landscape areas. Our services are extremely flexible and can be catered to fit your schedule. Furthermore, Vital can supply your property with window cleaning, power washing for exterior entrances, compactors and garbage bins.

Asphalt and Concrete Repair

Cracks and damages to asphalt and/or concrete can seriously damage property and lower the aesthetic value, and of course can lead to damage to customer vehicles and tripping hazards. This is where Vital comes in and provides any client the proper solution to such issues and damages.

Snow Removal

Your customers deserve to feel safe upon visiting your establishment. Vital will ensure your client’s safety by clearing snow, gravelling sidewalks, and melting hazardous ice from your entrance and walkways this winter. We possess a commendable reserve of snow clearing equipment, including enclosed-cab tractors, snow-blowers, bobcats, and truck-mounted plows. Regular hazard prevention techniques are also available such as gravel spreading throughout parking lots and driveways. Avoid potential accidents on your business’ property this winter—have your exterior property needs taken care of by Vital Property Services.

Line Painting

As mentioned above in Litter Pick, the parking lot of any business is the first impression to any potential customer. Having a clean parking lot with freshly new painted parking space lines, handicap symbols, walkways, entrance and exist signs, and arrows will keep any parking lot looking professional and, at the same time, safe for drivers and pedestrians.

Parking Lot Maintenance Services:

  • Graffiti Removal
  • Pressure Washing
  • Removal/Disposal of Junk
  • Signage (Provide and Install all types of traffic signs)


We find Vital Property Services to be a good and reliable company and have been pleased with the work they have done for us.
Fortis Alberta